We’re misinformed on how to manage our expectations when it comes to romantic relationships, and it’s ruining them before they even begin.

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I’ve recently started dating again and am currently with a romantic partner. In the time that I’ve been back on the dating wagon, I’ve noticed a thing or two that have been making me think about the expectations some people have when dating. …

Let’s be real. As much as we like to say we’re unbothered by people’s opinions, when it comes to dating, we’re afraid of saying what we truly want because of what others will think.

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In a previous blog, I spoke about what I believe to perhaps be the biggest challenge in dating. And that I would also expand on other challenges we (Millennials, among others) face in today’s dating culture. And after having dated a couple of guys, listened to a ridiculous amount of…

There’s so much work happening on a daily basis for an entrepreneur to be successful that we have no clue about.

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After I got fired from my job earlier this year — February of 2021 — I took a break from jobs altogether. I went on a journey of trying to figure out the fastest ways to make money, besides getting another job, because my previous experience had been so bad…

We can no longer rely on the vehicles that we used to — public schooling and higher education — to teach the coming generations principles that will help them build a fulfilling life.

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I remember school fondly. It wasn’t perfect by any means but I can definitely recall teachers that showed their interest in truly helping me do well, and achieve my potential. I particularly remember my social studies and macro-economics teacher. He was/is a man I respect because he did not take…

As I sit in my room having posted a blog; gone to work prior and exercised after, I’m struggling to find ways to keep myself entertained. And that’s when it hit me — I might be addicted to consuming content.

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I will say this, I LOVE YouTube. It’s one of those platforms that I log into multiple times a day. I love watching vlogs by expats as well as music and dance videos, and the occasional commentary about topics I know little of. But I can’t seem to stop. …

It was not my fault things didn’t work out, it was his. Why? Because he gave up, I didn’t.

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The previous blogs I have written have centered on the recent, now not so recent, ghosting experience I went through with ‘Luke’. The reason I feel so compelled to write about this is the lack of stories that talk about the painful experiences many go through while dating. …

Angelica Mendez

Hi! I am sharing my journey on Medium as a struggling 26 year old trying to find her place. My YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJZeaCMVRnyLM8sFFsc099A

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