As I sit in my room having posted a blog; gone to work prior and exercised after, I’m struggling to find ways to keep myself entertained. And that’s when it hit me — I might be addicted to consuming content.

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I will say this, I LOVE YouTube. It’s one of those platforms that I log into multiple times a day. I love watching vlogs by expats as well as music and dance videos, and the occasional commentary about topics I know little of. But I can’t seem to stop. …

It was not my fault things didn’t work out, it was his. Why? Because he gave up, I didn’t.

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The previous blogs I have written have centered on the recent, now not so recent, ghosting experience I went through with ‘Luke’. The reason I feel so compelled to write about this is the lack of stories that talk about the painful experiences many go through while dating. …

I see a lot of jaded, bitter women that have given up on finding a meaningful relationship, giving into the lie that is ‘playing the game’. The truth is, ‘playing the game’ will only leave you exhausted and unfulfilled.

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I recently wrote a blog about the last person I tried to date and the ghosting experience it led to. And I wanted to write about my approach to dating this person that was crucial to me coming out of this ordeal better than when it started. I also think…

And it’s made me realize that many individuals in my generation (and others) are fostering a culture that lacks accountability in today’s dating world.

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I met a guy about five weeks ago at a local pool/sports bar. We happened to be standing near each other and he asked me if I wanted to be his partner. I agreed not thinking much about it, and the rest is history as they say. …

You would think we (women) would be more analytical at the very least, but unfortunately we have believed almost every lie that has and is being told about how relationships are supposed to work.

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It starts literally right after we come out of the womb. We’re placed in front of screens or listen to stories being told by our parents of dainty little princesses living in castles waiting for prince charming to come save them and live their happily ever after. We’re so used…

And very few people are questioning any of it, which is leading to botched first impressions of the opposite sex. Let’s examine a few of them.

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In my most recent blog I spoke briefly and generally about what I believe to be one of the biggest obstacles we face when dating (from the point of view of a Millennial and the current dating culture). After listening to various podcasts and interviews on The Roommates YouTube channel

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